Spreading the message of Love for All

“Cheering and Praying for Team Canada”
Jan – Feb 2010

The Olympics is a great event that brings all countries of the world together. The message of Love for All is symbolized by the 5 rings of the Olympic Logo which depict the 5 inhabited continents of the world and the color of the rings, which were chosen to include at least one color from flags of all countries (that existed at the time or creation of the Olympic Logo)

In Feb 2010 Canada will host the Winter Olympics, the message on the Olympic Torch is “With Glowing Hearts” which of course is a line from our National Anthem.

Building on the universal appeal of the Olympics and showing our support for Team Canada, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at embarked upon a Campaign “Cheering and Praying for Team Canada”, Jama`at members across the country displayed the Campaign material with a lot of pride and passion.